TerraForm Pro has been slightly delayed due to a couple of minor (but hopefully worthwhile) detours we took to our Roadmap. We’re now expecting it to be available end June/early July.

Our primary objective is to make it as easy as possible for you to create content in UE4 using GIS data (maps), so we’ve been working on two extra things that help:

1. Import Digital Terrain Model Data Directly into UE4 as Landscapes:

Any DTM format, any projection, any datum.
No GIS software or complex maths required.
⋅ Available as a free update to all TerraForm versions in the near future.

2. Use Imported Landscape Splines to Drive Spline Blueprints.

Landscape splines are part of the Landscape system and can’t normally be used with blueprints.
⋅ We’ve added the ability (TerraForm Lite and Pro) for you to copy Landscape splines into blueprints in your Landscape.
⋅ We used this to drive a river blueprint from the UE4 market place to add flowing water ways to our Landscape. You could use it for power lines, hedges, fences… pretty much whatever.

We’re working on a new video to show these features. We’ll also test a few more Market Place Blueprints and share the results.

Hopefully these features will simplify your development process a bit by cutting out steps in 3rd party software and/or lots of editing by hand.