ROAD MAP – Updated March, 2020:

Here’s our current road map. It show the features we’re working on and when we’re planning to make them available. It’s subject to change and it’s not binding but it gives you an idea where we’re headed.

Click here if you’re looking for a list of existing Features.

Drop us a note by email if you have ideas or suggestions for features that might be of use to you.


Q2, 2020

Import GIS lines (.shp) into Spline Blueprints (traffic, power-lines, rivers, fences etc).
Import GIS point (.shp) files as UE4 Actors (place buildings, wind-farms etc).

Create/set attributes for imported splines (e.g. road type).

Select/manage Landscape Splines by attribute (e.g. by road type).
Modify Landscape Spline Control Point spacing (reduce/increase/evenly distribute).
Modify Landscape Spline tangents (don’t smooth/reset).

Q3, 2020

Automatically clip imported GIS data to Landscape extents.
Import GIS data by source data attribute (set options/apply meshes by attribute).

Import GIS area (.shp) data as closed Blueprint Splines (create loops etc).

Import GIS area (.shp) data as Layer Masks (e.g. use land-class Shape-files as masks).
Import GIS area (.shp) data as Mesh planes (building footprints, flatten terrain etc).
Support for additional vector/raster formats.
Other features requested by users?

Q4, 2020+

Support for source files in spherical projections (re-projection).
Import satellite/aerial images as Landscape Materials.
Procedural Landscape Material creation tools.
Create lakes using GIS area (.shp) files (bathymetry, replace materials, add water). 
Import tiled GIS data (DTM, aerial, land-class, vector).
Spline intersections (create road junctions etc).
Import lines as waterways (rivers, streams, canals).
Use area vectors (building footprints) to create 3D buildings.
Other features requested by users?