PRICING – TerraForm Subscriptions:

We’ll soon be making a few changes to the pricing of subscriptions, so here’s a little advance notice:

Introductory Pricing – 50% Off Subscriptions ENDS 15th July!

To thank all those of you who support us early, the introductory subscription price of £99/year will continue until 15th July. From 16th July, annual subscription prices will be £199/year.

Lock In Your Subscription Price:

Our pledge to you is that we will never increase the renewal price of your subscription. The price you subscribe at is the price you’ll renew at for the lifetime of your subscription.*

TerraForm V1.0 Upgraders:

If you got in super early and purchased TerraForm Lite V.1.0 (for UE4.18/UE4.19), we’ll soon be sending you a discount code giving you 40% off your annual renewal price for the life of your subscription. Make sure you subscribe before 15th July to take full advantage, and thanks so much for supporting us.

Monthly Subscribers:

We’ve removed the Monthly subscription option. If you’ve already taken out a monthly subscription, it will continue (at the price you subscribed at) until you cancel it.

*Continuous subscriptions only. If you cancel your subscription and choose to resubscribe in the future, your renewal will be at the price prevailing at that time.