Version 2.1 is a big new update to TerraForm. Its powerful new features streamline your development processes and help make the most of the data you have available to you.
Some of the major new features include:
– Import Point Features: Place Static Meshes and Actors in UE4 accurately using GIS point data.
– Use Data Attributes: Import GIS data attributes to select, scale, rotate and set options for UE4 Actors.
– Read Attributes in Blueprints: Call attributes in Blueprints to tag objects, add URLs, set variables, and much more!
– Area Spawner: The new area spawner Blueprint populates areas with Static Meshes (fields of crops etc).
– Fences: This new blueprint allows you to create post and rail (or panel) fences, using line vectors to place.
– Power Lines: Create power lines using your own pylon Meshes and connect them with physics-based cables.
TerraForm v. 2.1 is available to all subscribers to download immediately – just log in and visit the ‘Downloads’ page. Subscriptions includes all versions of TerraForm, so there’s nothing extra to pay.