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Shp file won't import as area spawner


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I'm trying to use the area spawner blueprint, and some of my shape files work fine, but some don't and I have no idea why? In your website you have not yet written an article about blueprint splines and their data requirements, so can you tell me what requirements there are for the area spawner shp-files? Do you want me to send my shp-file to you?


A relatively confused TerraformPro user

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I found my answer! My shp files used polygons instead of lines and thus wasn't compatible with the area spawner


Hi Hanna,

Yes, that’s right. UE4’s splines system only uses lines - it doesn’t really have a concept of areas. We will add a function to support area format data and convert it to lines so avoid this confusion, but for now if you convert your data to lines, it will import with TerraForm. (Do make sure they’re single part lines though - multi-part lines won’t work.)