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Inaccurate collision data in imported DSM data?


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I'm importing DSM data in a GeoTiff file (509.55m x 815.51m w/ 0.03m resolution) using the TerraForm Free plugin, and the outputted landscape looks to have the correct heightmap data, however the collisions look inaccurate. I'm noticing there's parts of the terrain where my player object clips through raised terrain and other parts where I can fall through the ground. I've enabled the "Player Collision" and "Visibility Collision" view modes, but both look correct themselves. Do you know what could be causing this?

"Player Collision" view mode


Player object clipping through terrain


original imported GeoTiff file

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Hi David,

Apologies for the slight delay.

Are the X and Y scale values different in your landscape actor? If so, it could be this causing the issue. Could you try copying the x value into the y value so they’re the same?

We’re working on a process to force them to be the same, but for now, the best solution is to create a landscape with the same width/length ratio as the landscape actor you want to create.