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[Solved] Is it possible to use my custom height data?


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Let's say I have a heightmap from world machine (or similar). Is it possible to use it with TerraForm somehow?

I tried to convert regular tiff to geotiff with GeoTiffExamine tool (it writes needed info inside tiff), but no luck - plugin crushed on import.

I think it would be nice to have possibility to make needed resources by hands - when you don't need GIS precision - like when you make some custom fantasy worlds. 


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It's not really something we've considered. Our main priority is real data for create real landscapes. There are methods for creating fantasy worlds, but no other options for the real world that use UE4 assets. Perhaps when we've reached a certain point with the real world, we can revisit fantasy content.

Thanks for the answer!
Fantasy was just an example.

I want to create real world landscape but based on my own height data.
For example, I don't have gis data for this (or it's not accurate enough) so I made a new heightmap in World machine.
Is it possible to convert my CustomHeightmap.tiff to .geotiff so it works correctly with TerraForm?


Sorry for the slightly delayed response.

It is possible, yes. You would need to recreate some of the GIS meta data and them import the CustomHeightmap.tiff into a GIS (e.g. QGIS), then export it to GeoTiff. The meta data you need is the projection/datum of the source file, and the pixel dimensions.

Did you create CustomHeightmap.tiff by enhancing an existing DTM file in World Machine?

If it's the same dimensions/resolution, this is quite easy because you can just grab the data from the original file. If not, you will need to do some maths.

Thanks again! Much clearer now
I understood the case where we enhance existing DTM and copy/paste meta.
What if we use just a heightmap of certain region without having this data. How can i calculate projection/datum you mentioned? Can i put universal/average numbers there?

Sorry for dumb questions.


You would need to try to figure out the projection/datum some how. Where did you get the data from?

If you know where on the world it is, it should be possible to figure it out.