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[Solved] Problems with DTM to Tiff


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Hi, I've been trying to get some kind of image Tiff for two days by taking it out of the QGis. I've been testing for two days and all I get are bugs or poorly detailed terrain. I do not know how to handle Qgis and it is very difficult to obtain any kind of result.

I also don't know where to get this DTM information for Spain. This tool seems good but there are many impossible steps to follow, I am an experienced person in Unreal, but this is beyond my knowledge.

If I do not obtain a solution, I will decline the annual contract, since it is not a useful tool for my work.

Attached the error that I get from the output log.

I would appreciate a solution.


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2 Answers

It appears from the log that TerraForm is finding 3 bands (RGB?) and no height data.

Where did you get the data from? Is it from a WMS service by any chance? (WMS doesn't provide height/vector data, just an RGB image of the data, like a screenshot of a Microsoft Word document..)

You can get loads of really good GIS data for Spain here:

Completely FREE, high resolution, and easy to download instantly.

Once you've downloaded the correct files, following the steps here should be easy:

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Thanks i´ll try it.