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[Solved] Importing Splines


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I am trying to import the gis vector lines for my landscape, for some reason, when I try to import them it sort of ignores the actions and doesnt do anything, could this be just because I am using a different dtm file than the splines?

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I'm guessing from your other questions that the reason this is failing is most likely because you haven't imported a DTM with TerraForm to create the landscape. You need to import the DTM with TerraForm so that it has the geographical information for the Landscape...

Hi Corina,
Further to our call, it is the case that you first need to import a DTM with TerraForm in order to create the TerraForm Landscape Anchor. Without this, spline imports will fail because they are unable to determine the coordinate reference system and scale of the landscape.


Are the vectors multi-part line strings? TerraForm needs single part line strings.

Step 4 in this tutorial gives info about converting multi-part to single part line strings:

Here’s a bit more info about vector line data:

If you can send a sample, I’d be happy to take a look.

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They might be multilines, I will try that now, but I will also attatch the shapefile Im trying to import if you want to take a look