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[Solved] Landcape Splines not importing


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I am trying to create a real world landscape of Medora, North Dakota, I had to find a heightmap with a lot of resolution and USGS did not offer it for my site, so I  am trying to import splines taken from the same site from USGS to make the roads. Is it possible for TerraformLite to create splines on a landscape that was not imported through Terraform? I am very close to my deadline, a quick responde would be amazing

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No, but you could fudge it...

TerraForm creates a Landscape Anchor using the DTM data, so you do need to import a DTM to get the geo-referencing for your landscape. This is then used by the spline importer to determine how the vector data lines up with the landscape.

What DTM data do you have? If it has geographical referencing, you can import it in addition to your existing landscape so that TerraForm creates the Landscape Anchor. You could then line up your existing landscape and delete the landscape created using imported DTM (leaving the Landscape Anchor). The  spline importer would then create the landscape splines.

When is your deadline? I could do a Zoom call tomorrow to talk you through it.

That makes sense, my deadline is Wednesday so tomorrow at anytime is great for me, my email is