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[Solved] Splines not importing


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Hi all,

I am having extreme difficulties with importing splines from line vectors. I was able to import in the past, however, it has since stopped working.

Things I have tried:

- Reprojecting data

- ArcGIS Pro Export

- QGiS export

- following settings instructions here

- recreating the shapefile

- breaking it into parts

- stripping all metadata

- reinstalling the plugin

Attached is a copy of this shapefile, hoping for some advice. Yor website will not let me upload a .zip attachment(!), so a dropbox link will have to suffice:


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Actually, don't worry about the DTM. It appears the lines are multi-part linestrings. UE4 doesn't have a method for handling these as splines (splines can't split), so you need to convert it to a single part line-string.

Try this:

There's more information on the steps you need to go through here:


Are you importing to a landscape you created with TerraForm? 

It sounds like TerraForm isn’t finding the GIS projection information for your landscape.

In your Content > TerraForm > Landscape > [Folder with your DTM’s name] directory, is there a .uasset file, beginning with ‘Proj_’?

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Yes, there are several there from different attempts at this map and different dtms. This is the one in question.


So sorry for the delay responding. I've got the shapefile data. Please could you send me the DTM so I can test?