Landscape Splines

TerraForm uses your GIS vector line data to create native Landscape Splines in UE4.

Landscape splines allow you to deform your landscape and are generally used to create linear features that need to be embedded into your terrain including, for example, roads, train lines, hiking trails, and river beds.

Because we’re using your GIS data to create landscape splines in UE4, you can use the Edit Spline tools built into the Unreal Editor. This means you can deform the landscape to meet the spline by raising or lowering the terrain around it. The same process also allows you to replace the landscape material in your layer masks along the spline’s length, meaning you can use them to clear paths for other content – it’s a great way to remove trees along the length of a power line or a fence, and to cut a channel for a river into the terrain.

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