Spline Blueprints

The most powerful and extensible feature of TerraForm is its ability to import GIS vector lines into UE4 Blueprints. This is because Blueprints give you the ability to write your own code to tell Unreal what to do with the GIS data you’re importing.

A few examples of what you can create include:

  • Fields of crops
  • Power lines, telephone wires, or fences
  • Rows of buildings
  • Rivers with flowing water
  • Traffic on your roads
  • Paths for cameras or AI

You can download many different types of spline blueprints from the Unreal Market Place. Epic provides a lot of information about how to create your own blueprints, and YouTube is another great resource for step by step instructions on this topic. We’ll also be making available a number of really useful blueprints we’ve created for you to use with TerraForm.

TerraForm Spline Actor:

Due to restrictions imposed by UE4, your blueprints will need to be parented the TerraForm Spline Actor Class and use the inherited Spline component to receive data from TerraForm.

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