TerraForm Lite
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An Unreal Editor Plugin that gives UE4 the ability to read and use GIS data to help you create real world landscapes.



TerraForm Lite is an Editor Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4). It adds the capability to import geographical data directly into UE4 to quickly and easily create accurate real world landscapes. With TerraForm Lite you can:

Import DTM Files to Create Landscapes:
• Create UE4 Landscapes directly from imported DTM files (GeoTiff)
• Import data in any planar projection.
• No need to convert DTM files to 16-bit .png height maps.
• Create rectangular or square Landscapes.
• Adjust UE4 Landscape resolution to meet your needs.
• Apply Landscape materials during the import process.

Import GIS Vector Line Files to Create Landscape Splines for Roads/Rails/Trails/Rivers:
• Import ESRI Shape Files (.shp) as Landscape Splines
• Import data in any projection and automatically re-project to the Landscape’s coordinate system.
• Import data attributes and use them to control Landscape Spline options.
• Automatically clamp the height of your Landscape Splines to the Landscape.
• Use the z-values in your GIS data to set the elevation of Landscape Spline Control Points.
• Apply Spline Meshes to create roads, railway lines, paths and much more.
• Create arrays of Control Point and Segment Meshes to add variation.
• Place UE4 Meshes at Spline Control Points (signs, street lights, trees etc)
• Blend imported Landscape Splines with your UE4 Landscape (raise/lower/flatten terrain).
• Override materials under your Landscape Splines (e.g. replace grass with dirt to blend roads into your Landscape).

Additional information

UE4 Versions:

4.24, 4.25, 4.26

Operating Systems:

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Annual – £99 per year [+VAT within the UK & EU]
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