Here’s the imagery, DTM, masks, and vector data we refer to in the tutorials. If you’re just looking to follow the process of creating a landscape in UE4, you can use these files to skip getting the source data.

With the exception of the original files downloaded from USGS, this sample pack includes all the GIS data used in the Twin Mountain tutorial.

· 1m DTM – Exported 16-bit GeoTiff & .png Heightmap (with header files).
· 1m Aerial Photo – Exported 24-bit GeoTiff & Edited .png (with header files).
· 1m Masks – Edited .png Masks for Birch and Pine Forests.
· Vector Lines – Exported & Edited .shp Files (with .dbf, .prj, .shx auxilliaries).

[DOWNLOAD (c. 55.3MB)]