TerraForm literally saves you days of time and makes it possible for you to do things in Unreal Engine that you cannot otherwise do (like import GIS data!). The table below shows what TerraForm can already do for you.

We’re working hard to add more functionality to TerraForm and will be releasing many regular updates. To see what TerraForm will be able to do for you in the new future, click here.


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£15 per Month
or £99 per Year
Import Digital Terrain Model (DTM) to create UE4 Landscape Height Map:

Import Geotiff (.tif) DTMs directly into UE4 as Landscape height maps.
Set Landscape Section Size and Sections Per Component.

Set Landscape Components and Overall Resolution.
Set Landscape position/offset
Automatically set Landscape geographical location from the DTM.
Import any aspect ratio to create square or rectangular Landscapes.
Import data in any Cartesian projection/datum.
Keep your DTM’s original Projection and Datum (Cartesian only).
Apply Landscape Material to imported DTMs.
Use UE4 Landscape editing tools to modify the Landscape.

Import GIS Vector Lines to create UE4 Landscape Splines:

Import GIS line vectors (.shp format) as Landscape Splines in UE4.
Import data in any Cartesian projection/datum.
Import multiple vector files into the same Landscape.
Project GIS vector data in UE4 coordinate system.
Automatically fit Spline Control Points to terrain.
Automatically smooth Spline Control Point tangents.
Import data in any Cartesian projection/datum.
Edit imported Splines with UE4 Landscape Splines tool.

Set Spline Control Point Import Options:

Set Landscape Spline width
Set Landscape Spline falloff values (side/end)
Set Mesh vertical offset
Replace Landscape Layer material under control point
Assign Mesh to Spline
Set Mesh scale (x/y/z)
Enable/disable Spline Mesh collision
Enable/disable Spline Mesh shadows
Set max draw distance
Set translucency sort priority

Set Spline Segment Import Options:

Replace Landscape Layer material under Spline
Deform Landscape terrain to meet Spline Segment (raise/lower)
Assign Mesh to Spline Segments
Adjust Segment Mesh offset
Scale Spline Mesh to width
Scale Segment Mesh (x/y/z)
Change Segment Mesh forward axis
Enable/disable Spline Mesh collision
Enable/disable Spline shadows
Set Segment max draw distance
Set Segment translucency sort priority