1. Introduction – What’s in this tutorial?
  2. The Basics – What UE4 can (and can’t) do.
  3. Data/Tools – What you’ll need and where to get it.
  4. Downloading Data – Instructions for getting hold of GIS data.
  5. Defining UE4 Landscape Extents – How to define the dimensions for the UE4 landscape.
  6. Exporting DTM & Aerial Data – How to export your DTM and aerial data ready for UE4.
  7. Exporting Vector Data – How to edit and export your GIS vector data for UE4.
  8. Creating Landscape Masks – How to create landscape masks from aerial imagery.
  9. Creating UE4 Landscape – How to create a UE4 landscape from your height map.
  10. Surfaces & Vegetation – Using masks to drive procedural landscape texturing and vegetation.
  11. Adding Rail, Roads, etc. – Importing vector data as UE4 splines.