This set of tutorials describes one method for creating real world landscapes in UE4. We use GIS data downloaded from US Geological Survey, 3rd party content, and a plugin we’ve developed for the Unreal Editor, called TerraForm Lite, to import vector data (e.g. road maps) as splines in UE4.

What are we Making?

We’ll be creating an area called Twin Mountains, just west of Mt Washington, NH, USA. It’s about 8km by 8km of rocky/mountainous terrain, largely covered by forests. There are roads, rail lines and loads of hiking trails.

Here are some screenshots:

[They also show just how amazing the Procedural Landscape Ecosystem content from Gokhan Karadayi really is!]

We’ll Use:
  • Digital Terrain Model (“DTM”) data to generate a height map in UE4;
  • Aerial photography mosaics to create landscape layer masks, and;
  • GIS vector data to generate roads, rail lines and trails.

We’ll combine these with procedural terrain tools and content from UE4’s market place to generate a real world terrain.


As we add more functionality to the TerraForm tools, we’ll add further natural features and man-made infrastructure to the landscape and expand the tutorials.

[Click here for our current Development Road Map.]