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1.1. Introduction
What's in this tutorial?
1.2. The Basics
What UE4 can (and can’t) do.
1.3. Data/Tools
What you’ll need and where to get it.
1.4. Downloading Data
Instructions for getting hold of GIS data.
1.5. Defining UE4 Landscape Extents
How to define the dimensions for the UE4 landscape.
1.6. Exporting DTM & Aerial Data
How to export GIS data ready for UE4.


PRICING – 50% OFF Until 31st August
July 24, 2020
We'll soon be launching TerraForm on the Unreal Market Place, so we've decided to extend the 50% off introductory offer for a further 6 weeks...
NEW RELEASE – TerraForm for UE 4.25.1
July 24, 2020
TerraForm Ver. 2.0.6 is now compatible with UE4.25.1. It's available to all subscribers in the 'Downloads' section of 'Account' once you've logged in to this website...
UPDATE – TerraForm v.2.0.6
June 16, 2020
Fixes issue causing ‘TerraForm_Runtime could not be loaded’ error on some systems. Added option to import z-value (elevation) from GIS lines data as alternative to snapping to landscape...
PRICING – TerraForm Subscriptions
June 1, 2020
50% Off Subscriptions Ends 15th July. We'll soon be making a few changes to the pricing of TerraForm subscriptions so lock in your renewal price now...
UPDATE – TerraForm v.2.0.5
May 24, 2020
Updated internal geo-referencing systems. Fixes linker error when packaging projects. Fixes errors where product activation expired prematurely. Fixes slate error on import window close...
UPDATE – TerraForm v.2.0.4
May 4, 2020
Improves performance when importing GIS lines as Splines. Fixes bug where landscape scale failed to set correctly with some QGIS DTM data. Fixes bug where TerraForm deactivates unexpectedly...

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