Creating landscapes in UE4? Want some help?

We create virtual models of the real world. We’ve been doing it a while. We made some landscapes in Unreal Engine 4 and got some really nice results, but it took a while to figure out. To save you a little time we’re sharing what we learnt and writing some tools that simplify the process.

We’re gathering resources you might need and we’ll try to provide help where we can. We’re always learning so we’ll add to the knowledge and tools as we go. If you’d like to contribute too, you’re most welcome.

Everything you need





Where we're going with this...

Step by Step:

1.1. Introduction
What's in this tutorial?
1.2. The Basics
What UE4 can (and can’t) do.
1.3. Data/Tools
What you’ll need and where to get it.
1.4. Downloading Data
Instructions for getting hold of GIS data.
1.5. Defining UE4 Landscape Extents
How to define the dimensions for the UE4 landscape.
1.6. Exporting GIS Data
How to export GIS data ready for UE4.

Development Blog

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