NEW RELEASE – TerraForm for UE4.24.3:

TerraForm began as a side-project for us. However, following the huge amounts of interest and encouragement we’ve received from a large number of UE4 developers in a wide range of industry sectors, we have decided to make it our main focus going forward.

A Complete Rebuild

With a new development team, we’ve recreated the TerraForm plugin from scratch and have an aggressive schedule for future additions/enhancements. The new version of TerraForm uses processes much more akin to the methods used by Epic in the Unreal Editor for importing other kinds of data, so you should find it all very familiar, intuitive and easy to use.

Affordable Subscriptions

To reflect the many thousands of hours we’ve put into developing it (and continue to put into adding new features) as well as the many thousands of hours it will save you in developing virtual models of the real world in Unreal Engine, we’ve moved across to a subscription model for licensing that provides affordable options for everyone. Every subscriber will receive regular updates with new features and enhancements, as well as versions of TerraForm for all supported releases of UE4. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Fully Featured 10 Day Free Trial

To avoid confusion, we’re no longer providing the TerraForm Free and TerraForm Lite versions – instead we’re giving everyone a full featured free trial for a limited period. To get your trial you’ll need to sign up to a subscription. We won’t take any payments until your trial period has ended, so if you decide it’s not for you, just cancel before then.

Frequent Updates and Additions

As well as new features for TerraForm, we’ll be regularly adding more tutorials, samples, videos, and supporting content/assets (blueprints etc) to help you rapidly convert your GIS data into incredible virtual models of the real world.

Existing Users

If you’re an existing user, you’ll continue to be able to use the original version of TerraForm Lite for UE4.18 and UE4.19 in perpetuity. However, because you backed us early, if you’d like to move across to a subscription for the new version, we’ll give you 40% off every continuous subscription renewal payment into the future.

We’ll be sending all of you a personalised discount code in the near future.

Stay In Touch

We’re keen to support you in your endeavours and are always interested to hear your feedback on existing features and how you’re using TerraForm in your projects. Where possible, we’ll use this to steer development of new features and tutorials, so do get in touch if you’ve got any questions or need any assistance.