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[Solved] Importing crash UE4


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i select the file and when hit import freeze for little then UE4 crash

Please could you provide a little more information about the data you're seeking to import?

What format is the data?
What projection/datum does it use?
How big (pixels) is the DTM?
Is the DTM 32-bit?

Here's a link to further information about preparing DTM data for import:

Thats shows in the crash report

Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000000

UE4Editor_TerraForm_Editor!FTerraFormEdModeToolkit::CreateProjAssetFromDataset() [C:\Users\Fang\Desktop\Packaged\4_26\Free\TerraForm\HostProject\Plugins\TerraForm\Source\TerraForm_Editor\Private\Toolkits\TerraFormEdModeToolkit.cpp:1378]
UE4Editor_TerraForm_Editor!FTerraFormEdModeToolkit::OnImportSettingsConfirmed() [C:\Users\Fang\Desktop\Packaged\4_26\Free\TerraForm\HostProject\Plugins\TerraForm\Source\TerraForm_Editor\Private\Toolkits\TerraFormEdModeToolkit.cpp:337]
UE4Editor_TerraForm_Editor!TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance::ExecuteIfSafe() [D:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Delegates\DelegateInstancesImpl.h:307]
UE4Editor_TerraForm_Editor!TDelegate::ExecuteIfBound() [D:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Delegates\DelegateSignatureImpl.inl:599]
UE4Editor_TerraForm_Editor!STFLandscapeImportWidget::OnImportPressed() [C:\Users\Fang\Desktop\Packaged\4_26\Free\TerraForm\HostProject\Plugins\TerraForm\Source\TerraForm_Editor\Private\Widgets\TFLandscapeImportWidget.cpp:1024]
UE4Editor_TerraForm_Editor!TBaseSPMethodDelegateInstance::ExecuteIfSafe() [D:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.26\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Delegates\DelegateInstancesImpl.h:307]

the heightmap is from terrain party then in photoshop just changed the resolution and made it tiff

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Thanks, Martin.

The problem is that you're not using a GeoTiff. A GeoTiff is a Tiff file that has geographical information in the header of the file (geographic location/projection/datum, scale, min/max elevations etc).

Changing the format of a .png to a .tif in Photoshop does not create this additional information.

Please refer to the link to the documentation for preparing DTM data.

As for source data, this will depend on where in the world you're looking to create a landscape for. High resolution DTM data is collected and distributed by governments and commercial organisations. There are no worldwide, high-resolution providers of DTM data, so you need to do a little research to find what you're looking for. uses terrain data from the Shuttle RADAR Topographic Mission (STRM) and provides a nominal resolution of 10m/pixel in the US with 30m/pixel resolution around the rest of the world. strips the geographical information in this data and allows you to download an image of it (a .png file).

You can download the actual SRTM data from here: by 1 degree square areas. You can then follow the instructions in the link provided previously to clip it to the area you want to create your landscape for and export it to GeoTiff.

Hope that helps!

thank you!!! i will try it

Where in the world are you trying to generate a landscape for? There may well be better data than the SRTM (30m/pixel).

i did it and is working!!! dope plugin like it a lot!!!!

okay now i have other problem the landscape have no collision


now is like this

im from bulgaria

In your screenshot it looks the mannequin is standing on the landscape. What makes you think the collision isn’t working?

is not on the landscape is hovering above the landscape,the collision is not working


here now im below the landscape

here is landscape that a imported via the editor,the collision is working but with the plugin is not working


Please could you email the GeoTiff to me at so I can take a look?

wow why my comment is deleted ?? and i cant email it because the file is big, do you have discord ?

I've downloaded the data already. I removed the post because we don't have huge capacity on the servers and this isn't the best place to share large files.

Having done some tests, I can see it's huge location (~7300 km sq). The terrain imported fine. UE4 Seems to display the Player Collision too.

I've never tried creating terrains so large at such low resolution, so I'm not sure why the player you're using isn't detecting the collision. I don't think this is related to TerraForm.


SantaCruz DTM


SantaCruz PlayerCollision



any idea to fix the collision ?

So it seems the problem is resolution of the landscape. Your DTM data is ~7300 km sq. That's quite a lot. The DTM resolution is 30m, which is quite low. From what I can tell the collision geometry is based on the same resolution, which means your collision geometry is also 30m. If I triple the size of the landscape from 26 x 21 components to 78 x 63 components, the mannequin lands on the collision geometry, but is just below the surface of the landscape. Increasing the resolution of the landscape to 10x resolution of the DTM (e.g. 260 x 210 components) and the collision works fine - the mannequin walks on the surface. But this gives landscape overall resolution of 33020 x 26670, which is way above what Epic recommends as max (8129 x 8129).

Basically you need to decrease the distance between your landscape's vertices (i.e. increase the resolution of your DTM) if you want to walk on it. You can do this by selecting a smaller area and up-scaling the landscape dimensions so that the overall resolution is >10x the DTM resolution. (If DTM resolution is 30m/pixel and the resolution of the landscape is 10x, the resolution of the landscape becomes 3m.) This gives you a landscape collision you can walk on.

You can use World composition to create tiled levels if you want to use the entire area you've specified.

BTW, what resolution is the landscape you imported via the editor? That's not the same scale area as the GeoTiff you sent is it?

i tried with smaller landscape and again the collision is not right, does terraform have discord server ?

Did you also increase the resolution of the landscape? The problem isn't the size of the landscape, it's the size of each quad. Imagine a digital photo taken from your phone from an airplane flying at 30,000 ft. You might be able to take a picture of a whole island, but it wouldn't have any detail.

What you need to do is increase the resolution of the DTM. You can do this by selecting a smaller area, then increasing the number of components for the landscape when you import the DTM.

If you're using 30m source data, you want the "Overall Resolution" of the landscape to be ~10x larger than the "Source Dimensions" in the 'Terrain Model Import Options' window.

Martin, please could you send me a link to download the SantaCruz DTM file? I've done some further investigation with other DTMs and found the resolution isn't the only issue - I imported a DTM with 40m resolution for a smaller area and found the collision mesh generated fine. I'd like to investigate further, but deleted the data I'd downloaded from you.

Santa Cruz da grociosa

that is a little island i tried and the collision was broken again,i did everything from the tutorial with gis but now i see the resolution of the file is too little maybe that breaking the collision ?