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Import Railway Track as shp


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Hello, I would like to ask you a question about importing a railway track as a shape file.
First I quickly reconstructed the Landscape using a Geotiff downloaded from the TinItaly website. The downloaded file is in UTM84-33N coordinates.
Following the tutorials I have successfully imported this file into UnrealEngine 4.25.4

At this point I used the software at my disposal to build a railway axis and export it in shape format.
Also in this case I made sure that the railway axis was correctly georeferenced in the same coordinate system as the Landscape.

At this point I follow the tutorial for the construction of a railway line and therefore I proceed by importing the shape file in UnrealEngine.

The railway track retains its geometry but is infinitely small compared to the original dimensions. I tried to find a solution but to date I have not succeeded.

I leave attached the shape file while you can download the dtm file at the following link:

the tile to download is the one in correspondence of Naples (W45095)

Thanks all


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Thanks for your question, Davide.

I don't see the Shape File. Please could you email it to me at