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[Solved] Tutorial example data does not import


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I'm following your online tutorial for Twin Mountain and have downloaded the sample data.  My TerraformPro dialogs are different from the tutorial and I have not had success importing the GIS vector data samples.  I don't get any results.  Do I have an installation issue? 

TFP screen cap


The tutorials were written with Version 2.0 of TerraForm. Version 2.1 has a modified interface to accommodate the new features. The functionality remains the same. If the plugin is working then your installation was successful.

What happens when you import the data? Do you see any green lines appearing on your landscape?

Thank you Paul. I do not see any green lines. The import acts though it is working but I don't see lines nor have any new asset in the world outliner.

Please could you send me a screenshot of the TerraForm Landscape Anchor Details Panel?

If you look in the Content/TerraForm/Landscapes folder, can you see a folder in there with the name of the DTM you imported (e.g. /TFP_TwinMountain_UTM19_NAD83_1mDTM/)?

Is there a .uasset file inside it with the same name as the folder?

I do see the folder and associated .uasset. - I also recreated a new game file - reimport of DTM, etc and now can import the GIS data and see the green splines; I'm very new to UE and that may be my real issue - not knowing how to troubleshoot minor issues.  Attached is the detail panel for the TF Landscape actor. Also - I don't see the SM_train_track when I zoom to ground - I should be able to see the mesh and not just the green spline correct?

TFP screen cap la

Apologies for the delay responding. Thanks for the update.

To add a mesh to the spline, you need to create a new Segment Mesh array element in the "Import Lines as Landscape Splines" > "Vector Line Import Options" window (click the '+' icon), then select a "Mesh" or drag one onto the drop down.

Thanks Paul - I appreciate the guidance. All is working well. Dennis

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